Dr. Edoardo Vescovi receives Springer Thesis Award 2016

The Springer Thesis Award 2016 has been awarded to Edoardo Vescovi for his PhD Thesis “Perturbative and non-perturbative approaches to string sigma-models in AdS/CFT”.  Edoardo’s dissertation, nominated by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, was published in Springer Theses, a book series to recognize outstanding doctoral research. The thesis introduces readers to the type II superstring theories in the AdS5×S5 and AdS4×CP3 backgrounds, fokussing on fundamental aspects.
Eduardos’s work, conceived and performed at IRIS Adlershof of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, was supervised by Dr. Valentina Forini, one of our associated research group leaders.
IRIS Adlershof would like to congratulate Edoardo Vescovi and wishes him much success in his future work.

Dr. E. Vescovi
Perturbative and Non-perturbative Approaches to String Sigma-Models in AdS/CFT
ISBN 978-3-319-63420-3


Prof. K. Balasubramanian, Prof. C. Cocchi and Prof. I.M. Sokolov new members at IRIS Adlershof

Kannan Balasubramanian (left image), and Caterina Cocchi (center), both new professors at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin since the beginning of the year, and Igor M. Sokolov (right) are new members of IRIS Adlershof.

Kannan Balasubramanians research focuses on nanostructured materials, systems and devices for the development of novel analytical tools in a microscopic environment. In the focus of Catherina Cocchi's research interests is Light-matter interaction with advanced first principles methods, based on density-functional theory (DFT) and its time-dependent extension (TDDFT) as well as of many-body perturbation theory (MBPT). The main interest of Igor Sokolov's research is on statistical physics and the physical chemistry of condensed and soft matter, especially problems in which the discrete, disordered structure and fluctuations play the leading role.

IRIS Adlershof would like to congratulate all new members and is looking very much forward to a fruitful collaboration.


Topping ceremony of the new research building of IRIS Adlershof

At the invitation of the Senator for Urban Development, Katrin Lompscher, and in the presence of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, and the President of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Sabine Kunst, and the architect Prof. Hans Nickl of Nickl & Partner, this Thursday, the 13th of July, the topping ceremony of the new research building of. IRIS Adlershof was celebrated.